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At Little Rascal Playhouses we have developed our range by concentrating on the finer detail whilst also paying particular attention to the craftsmanship, to ensure we “stand out” from most competitors.

Our windows have been designed and manufactured based on a “cassette” concept. This means that all windows are built separately and then inserted into the main panels of the playhouse. This enables us to paint the windows individually, before final installation, with 3 coats of paint giving a better finish.

The system allows the frame of the window to sit proud of the main outer panel’s edge, giving better protection against the elements and a great look.

Our doors, like the windows, use the same “cassette” concept.

We have designed them so that there is a small gap, to allow for natural expansion, around the edges to keep the elements out of the playhouse.

The door is also prepared to the same high standard paint finish (3 coats) with an overlap at the bottom to allow any moisture to ‘run off’ and not regress into the playhouse itself.

Our wooden fascia boards have engineered with, rounded, edges that have been planed and smoothed before receiving our standard, high quality, 3 coat finish to ensure durability.

This helps protect the playhouse ensuring your Childs enjoyment of their “pride and joy” in your garden for years to come.

Your Childs safety is the most important consideration for us and whilst our playhouses meet the requirements of EN71 regulations we have gone ‘the extra mile’ for the door hinge and closure. The most common hinge is something used for garden sheds or gates but our attention to detail and safety leads us to a different idea!

The usual solution is to leave a gap so big that ‘little fingers’ cannot get trapped but this leaves your playhouse open to the elements.

Using our “Piano Hinge” or “Continuous Hinge” we have eliminated any gap completely, so its 100% safe and weatherproof.

Ventilation is important inside any playhouse, especially for those warmer days & nights. The common solution is two drilled holes in the wall of the playhouse. However, we have installed  ‘made to measure’ discs, which we feel are a more pleasing on the eye.

Another fantastic feature from the Little Rascals Playhouses is the option to personalise your little one’s playhouse by ordering a bespoke, name plaque to hang over the door or anywhere else you wish to choose.

You can have up to 10 characters over no more than two lines, this will be engraved onto a ‘white’ or ‘Dolphin Grey’ background in our ‘3 coat’ paint finish.

We have also paid the same attention to detail and quality inside each playhouse.

All the edges on the main frame have been rounded, planed and smoothed for extra protection and finish, thus avoiding any sharp or rough edges.

The roof is made from the same timber as the walls (tongue & groove) giving a better finish whilst matching with the rest of the interior. The standard finish usually uses 'chipboard' or 'ply' in the same way as a garden shed but we feel this look is much better.

The tongue & groove has also been introduced in the production of the floor, this ensures a superior finish over the cheaper standard materials of chip board or ply.